Be inspired by growing, making and celebrating food and plants

From providing bespoke programmes and workshops, to supporting grassroot garden projects, we are striving to provide resources on how to grow and cook sustainability.

Our Motivation

We want to help you to grow and cook food sustainability.

The threat of global warming, diminishing fossil fuel reserves, and major concerns about food security are problems that the global population must face. It is a disengagement between mankind and the planet that has caused these issues. Many of us look to our screens instead of to the outdoors for inspiration, and more people than ever are eating food having no idea how it got to their plates. It is time to change this.

The NHS are spending £6 billion per year on food related diseases, and the World Health Organisation sees obesity as the most serious global public health challenge for the 21st century. Clearly we need to show our children how to care for themselves.

We feel strongly about these issues; And we feel strongly that our programmes will contribute towards solving them.

  • % of uk school children do not eat veg on daily basis

    Newsround BBC (2015)

  • % of Under 5s in UK who are overweight

    Leeds Beckett University (2015)

  • % of Schools saw greater care for environment in students through growing in school

    The Educational Development Centre research in Boston (2000)

  • % of schools saw rise in student self-esteem due to new outdoor learning spaces

    Learning through Landscapes (2003)


Our focus

From Seed to Celebration

To engage people with food, we focus on all stages of a plant’s life cycle: We start by planting the seed. As it grows, you will nurture the plant and learn to make and preserve the plants in to food and xmas gifts. And finally we share this experience with others in a celebrational event, showcasing the hard work. Giving you an end goal to work towards during the work.

The What Happens Next Garden

Regardless of your situation, we can create edible gardens anywhere: Dead areas within existing flower beds, overgrown forgotten allotment projects, raised borders in concrete playgrounds, and if you have no room, we can build vertical wall gardens.


We provide weekly workshops to demonstrate to the user how to use the programme. We also incorporate learning outcomes so the programmes are compatiable for schools.

Local environment

Whether it be an inner-city or on the fringe of the countryside, we incorporate plants into our projects that are both edible and that supports local ecosystems. We provide resources to understand the wider environment.

Who are we?

Lee Billet
Designs and builds gardens
With 20 years building and gardening experience, Lee is equipped to transform any given space into the intended edible garden.
Arthur Daw
Landscape Architect
Arthur is a Landscape Architect and has been running his Landscape Design business since February 2009 before he started Whathappensnext Ltd last year.
Polly Daw
Runs Seed to Celebration Workshop
Polly has 12 years of experience working with young people from 4-18. Her key roles are focussing on practical activities to engage with the less involved groups in our programs.


What we offer

We offer the 'S2C programme' and support on grassroot garden projects. Click for further information or get in touch.

S2C startup

'Seed to Celebration' Essential Start-up Kit


  • Book
  • Seeds
  • Wormery with worms
  • Guidance from seed to celebration
  • Grow it, Make it, Celebrate it
  • Additional equipment
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Seed to Celebration

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  • Preserving for xmas gifts
  • S2C startup
  • Celebrational event
  • Plants
  • Food tasters
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Sustainable landscape design ideas

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  • green walls
  • rainwater harvesting
  • upcycling
  • wildflowers
  • edible garden
  • medicinal garden
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